Are you a busy physician concerned about your weight?

I help you stop the dilemma and start losing weight with daily strategies while achieving freedom around food. 

Have you tried trendy diets restricting yourself from foods then give up after few weeks?  

You had been struggling with the yo- yo cycle of losing and gaining weight while trying to juggle work and home. It is exhausting and neither another diet nor more exercise will solve this. 

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What if you could solve your dilemma once and for all and keep a healthy weight? You can!

Ok, you probably think I’m kidding. Maybe you have heard this before. Maybe you overeat too often. Maybe you think are a stress eater. Maybe you are supposed to exercise more. Maybe somebody told you that you lack discipline (hello! you became a doctor, you don’t lack discipline) or willpower (it doesn’t work in the long term) or need to “diet different” or be “better at dieting”. Maybe you spent time thinking about your body. Look…The idea is not to wait until you have serious health concerns. Act NOW.

I have been in your shoes!

During my pregnancy I gained almost 70 lbs. Went from a size 4 to 180 pounds. I lost all the pounds in 6 months leaving me in a size 2. That was 18 years ago and I had managed to KEEP THEM OFF.  How? That’s what I will teach you. How to cracked the code to your weight problem. Strategies and tools you can use on a daily basis that will help you coach yourself and keep the weight off.

I’m here to help you in your weight loss journey. I do not give medical advice or “popular diets.” What had worked for me and have learned through the years I will share with you. We are critical thinkers and will make a great team. Let me care for YOU.

julie alvira
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I'm Julie Alvira, M.D, MBA in Healthcare Management.

Physician Life and Weight Loss Coach

Through private and confidential one- on- one weight loss coaching sessions, I help you go deep in finding the cause of your weight loss dilemma and give you solutions.

You will learn strategies that can be use daily plus achieve freedom around food. As a result you lose weight. With my method you will learn to keep it off which in my experience is the hard part.  

Work with me

Coaching session

1 hour coaching session through phone, Zoom or Skype.

3 Coaching sessions plan

1 one hour coaching session per week through phone, Zoom or Skype.

3 months Coaching package

2 sessions of 1 hour per week through phone, Zoom or Skype.

Speaking engagements

Talk in groups, wellness events, workshops and radio.

Wellness consultant

for individual and practices.


  • I saw Julie’s YT channel and contact her for weight loss coaching. Learned skills on how to be around all types of food and make the choice of what my body truly wanted. Slowly lost the pounds and reached my goal. I found myself again and got my confidence back. Got healthier mentally and physically and the strongest I have ever been!

    L. D. MD

    Primary care - weight loss client
  • I met Julie sometime ago through FB. I reached out to her since I’ve seen her articles and know her experience in health and wellness. She guided and helped me prepare a presentation at work regarding stress, burnout, and the challenges that my coworkers and I face. The training was great thanks to her help. 

    T. A.

    Federal Investigator - wellness consultant client
  • Gaining 20 pounds in 6 months scared me out. A friend referred me to Julie and I have to say that I’m free from my emotional eating journey. She helped me discover my secret addiction. I was using food for self sabotage what I was feeling. Now, I feel ALL my feelings and I’m ok with it.  Thank you Julie for helping me put a stop to my out of control life!

    C. M. MD

    Primary care - weight loss client

I have a passion helping my physician community

The mental rollercoaster and physical exhaustion of being a doctor and be there for too many people leaves you without time to take care of YOU. This is your time and you are not alone in the process.

As your coach in this journey, I create a safe space to decompress and unpack the baggage that is preventing you not to achieve weight loss. It’s not about solving a problem is about getting to the cause of it. Then, the weight starts coming off without you trying hard.