A healthier brain leads to more successful lives.

Worldwide, there is an exponential increase in the prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline, constituting a serious epidemic.

Lifestyle changes are keys when improving cognitive health which I focus when I write or educate. Our everyday activities and habits are determinants of living well longer.

Healthy Living! Healthy Brain!

Healthy Living! Healthy Brain!

Care for your mind like you care for your body.

Healthy Living Speaker, Writer, Wellness Consultant.

I’m Julie Alvira, MD MBA in Healthcare Management, bilingual independent writer, healthy living and brain health educator, and wellness consultant.

Ambassador for the 4th district of the Alzheimer’s Association and speaker and educator for the association as well.

Uplevel your brain and your health.

Uplevel your brain and your health.

Motivational Speaking

From virtual to in- person, Julie encourages people to make small lifestyle habit changes by sharing strategies on how to make those happen to see small behavior changes.

Julie also helps industry leaders retain their employees because less stressed individuals, leads to better overall corporate wellness and bottom line.

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Healthy content writer

Julie writing topics are in the areas of healthier lifestyle, behavioral health, brain health, caregiving, well being, addictions recovery, lifestyle interventions, burn out, and corporate wellness.

Julie educates and writes for different audiences.

Julie has several certifications including brain health and had been a contributing writer for several publications.


“I was assigned to do a presentation about certain wellness topics that affect my profession. Julie guided me to research and helped me organized everything with a language that my colleagues could understand and get motivated to take action”

T. Aponte

Federal Investigator - Wellness Consultant Service

“Julie helped us launch an internal wellness initiative we were running. Her talk on Lifestyle Changes was eye opening. We learned about topics of nutrition, dieting, exercise, stress, sleep, and other habits. It helped us take our team challenge to another level”

I & B Law Firm

Corporate Wellness Consultant

“ I’ve been working with Julie for several years now. She had been an excellent and very responsible contributor that is on point with her deadlines. Her style of writing can be scientific and medical but can also be easy to understand for the general population. What you need, she can certainly deliver”

L.W. Magazine

Magazine Contributor

“ Julie’s talk was very casual and dynamic. I like her everyday examples. Not only we learned about Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but also how we can challenge the brain and improve areas in our lives that can help us on prevention”

B. Retirement Communities

Brain and Body Health Talk

Healthy Living! Healthy Brain!

Healthy Living! Healthy Brain!

Julie delivers talks customized for the audience focused on how to optimize your brain health by improving overall wellness. She uses her background in medicine, brain fitness, addiction, and wellness to reinforce talks in areas such as: cognitive health, lifestyle changes, physical activity, nutrition, stress, and creating new habits. Also educates and writes for different audiences.

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