How to combine different food groups?

How to combine the different food groups in a healthy way? Simple! Look at this simple example of a menu:
Breakfast: 2 slices of whole grain toast, tuna without mayonnaise. Add lettuce, tomato. Make a tuna sandwich with this and drink a glass of natural orange juice.
Snack: a good piece of watermelon.
Lunch: sweet potato, turkey, salad made of lettuce, corn, and spinach.
Snack: Plain greek yogurt with almonds.
Dinner: Grill salmon with boiled broccoli and carrots.
*** The idea is to play with the different food groups and make smart combinations.

This way you can a different meal every day

Healthy lunch ideas for work

Healthy lunch ideas that can be done in advance, freeze and warm up at work in a microwave oven and go! Please bring the serving of a medium-sized plastic container for the meal and the salad in a small one.

Monday: Grilled chicken breast sautéed with onions and mixed vegetables. Accompaniers: boiled yucca and lettuce and tomato salad with balsamic dressing.

Tuesday: Grilled fish. Above you can put onions and mushrooms sauteed with a little olive oil. Accompanying: Broccoli

Wednesday: breaded chicken breast (with egg white and Panko Breadcrumbs) and roasted. Accompanying: a boiled medium sweet potato and salad of lettuce and tomato with balsamic dressing (apart).

Thursday: whole pasta with sautéed turkey breast pieces with onions and vegetables above.

Friday: Grilled turkey burger. Accompanying: medium potatoes boiled and spinach salad with nuts and pieces of mandarins. Balsamic dressing aside.

What to eat and NOT to eat late at night?

Nutrition tip: What to eat and NOT to eat when you had been out until late and come back hungry?
– NO bread, pizza or pasta because they have a high glycemic index. You digest them fast and they convert quickly into fat. NO sugary foods or sodas. NO garlic or spicy food (difficult to digest).
– YES pieces of fruit (apple, peach, pear). Plain greek yogurt, vegetable juice, or sugar free gelatin.

Nutrition tips and recipes!


Need a High protein on- the- go snack? Try a slice of lean deli turkey wrapped around a low fat string cheese with some apple slices on the side and a bottle of water.

Grilled chicken burrito recipe . EASY and great for lunch!
Grill or bake 6 ounces boneless skinless chicken breasts at 350 degrees. Cool and slice thinly. Warm 1 whole wheat tortilla between 2 paper towels in microwave and cook in high 10 seconds. Put in the tortilla: the chicken, 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes, 2 tbsp chopped cilantro, 2 tbsp chopped red onion, 1/2 cup shredded iceberg lettuce, some avocado, and 1 tbsp low- fat sour cream. Roll up and done!

Salsa salad! Mix pineapple, mango, red onions, green onions, cherry tomatoes, orange bell peppers, cilantro, lemon, and jalapeño IF you need some spice.


Salad alternatives

Are you tired of the same lettuce and tomato salad? Here are some options for salad variations
1) Egg and Asparagus salad:
 Take 8 asparagus spears cut into 2-inch pieces. Saute them in a bit of olive oil and minced garlic. Mix cut greens (different kinds of lettuce), 1 chopped hard boiled egg, vinegar, and salt-pepper. Done!
2) Fiesta Salad
Combine 1/4 canned black beans (rinse and drained), chopped avocado, canned corn (rinse and drained), chopped cherry tomatoes, fresh lime juice and salt-pepper. Top this mixture on Romaine lettuce.
3) Pesto Salad
Spread 2 tsp of Pesto (see our recipe for Pesto) on a whole grain pita bread. Broil until golden. Toss 11/2cups Arugula, 1/4 cups canned white beans (rinse and drained), 1 teaspoon olive oil with fresh lemon juice, salt- pepper.
4) Quinoa salad
Cook Quinoa. Cover and remove from heat and let cool off 10 minutes. Fluff with a fork and add 1/2 cup shredded carrots, 2 tablespoons dried cranberries, 1/4 cup canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans- rinse and drained), salt-pepper.
5) Chef Salad
Toss 3 ounces chopped fat free turkey, chopped 3 ounces low sodium extra lean ham, 1 1/2 ounces chopped fat free mozzarella cheese, 1/2 chopped Roma tomato, 2 cups chopped Romaine lettuce, 1/4 cup chopped hearts of palm, 1 once diced avocado, 2 tbsp low fat ranch dressing.
6) Steak and Arugula salad
Grill or broil 3 ounces tip sirloin until done. Cool and cut into little pieces. Toss together 3 cups arugula, 1/2 cut in halved cherry tomatoes, and 3/4 cup canned (drained and rinsed) artichoke hearts. Top with the steak and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette (see recipe).


Balsamic vinaigrette
Great Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe for your favorite salad:
– 1 1/2 cups balsamic vinegar
– 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
– 6 tbsp Dijon mustard
– 4 tsp chopped shallots
– 4 tsp chopped fresh basil
– 2 tsp olive oil
Whisk all ingredients in a bowl and done!


Healthy Pesto Sauce for your favorite whole grain pasta, chicken or seafood:
– 1 cup pine nuts
– 4 cups fresh basil
– 2 tbsp garlic
– 1 cup fat-free grated Parmesan cheese
– 1/3 cup white cooking wine
– 1/3 cup lemon juice
– 1/2 fat-free low sodium chicken broth
– 1/2 teaspoon salt
Heat skillet over medium high heat and toast nuts until golden brown. In a food processor or blender puree basil, toasted pine nuts, and garlic. Add Parmesan cheese, wine, lemon juice, and broth until blended. Add salt. Done!





Drive thru alternatives when in a rush!

Arbys (Drink lots of water because of the sodium)
– Martha’s Vineyard Salad- 277 calories.
– Santa Fe salad with grilled chicken- 283 calories (w/o dressing). Use only a bit of dressing.

Chick-Fill-A (Others have excessive sodium including the Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap>1,000 mg sodium)
– Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad 180 calories

Drive thru alternatives when in a rush!

Here are some Drive thru alternatives. They are NOT better than bringing your own food to work but works in a hurry. Watch out because most have MORE carbs than protein and drink LOTS of water for the high sodium ones. We didn’t include the >1,000 mg of sodium because they are just a BIG NO!
– Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken 290 calories, 8g fat, 27g protein, 28g carbs, 65…0 sodium
– Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wrap 250 calories, 8g fat, 27 carbs, 16g protein, 650 sodium
Taco Bell
– Fresco Chicken Soft Taco 140 calories, 3.5g fat, 10g protein, 16 carbs, 470 sodium
– Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco 150 calories, 4g fat, 11g protein, 17 carbs, 400 sodium
Dunkin’ Donuts
– Egg White Flatbread 280 calories, 8g fat, 32 carbs, 18g protein, 770 sodium
– 6″ sub turkey breast 280 calories, 3.5 g fat, 46 carbs, 18g protein, 670 sodium
– Spinach Feta Cheese Wrap 290 calories, 10g fat, 33 carbs, 19g protein, 830 sodium
– Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box 270 calories, 7g fat, 29 carbs, 20g protein, 580 sodium
– Zesty Chicken and Black Bean Salad Bowl 360 calories, 15g fat, 38g carbs, 19g protein, 850 sodium

Nutrition tips and a great Elixir juice!

Nutrition tips:

Healthier Sauté Cooking:
– Eliminate the fat by substituting liquids for butter, margarine or oil. You can choose from low sodium fat free chicken or vegetable stock, dry sherry or white wine, vinegar, or a combination of two or more.

– Do you know that avocados are another great source of potassium like bananas? Yes, they are!

Healthy Elixir
– 1 inch piece ginger
– handful of parsley
– 1 large lemon
– 5 stalks of kale
– 1 cup spinach
– 1/2 cucumber
– 4 stalks celery
Optional: 1 green apple or 1/2 cup pineapple for sweeter taste.