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Founder, Coach Dr. Julie  LLC.
Executive Coach.
Corporate Wellness Consultant.
National Health and Wellness Writer.
Passionate about Wellness.
World Explorer.

Dr. Julie Alvira is an M.D. with an MBA in Healthcare Management. Years ago after uncovering a new clarity and purpose, Julie left medical aesthetics and the overseeing operations of a successful medical enterprise to bridge two of her passions, corporate and wellness.

By overcoming life and related emotional challenges, she learned that the most valuable asset a person has is well-being. A combination of academic capabilities, personal experiences, and professional knowledge equipped Julie to help leaders and teams with strategies to better take care of themselves and their business.

Her goal is to empower leaders, professionals, teams, and organizations to manage their stress and achieved work- life balance. Julie enjoys practicing a healthy lifestyle by incorporating habits of self care plus regular exercise including yoga as well as daily meditation. She contributes to several national health and wellness publications and educates through her social media and YouTube videos. Additionally, Julie was selected by America’s Next Great Trainer as an expert panel and contributor to their book, Transform your life.

“It doesn’t matter who you are…If you don’t take care of yourself nobody will do it for you. Letting go of unhealthy habits and start a healthier lifestyle is a challenge but if you don’t start adopting this mindset, you will face the consequences of premature death. Leading causes of death are preventable.” says Julie.

She also follows the cause of recovery which is close to her heart. To get a true feeling of the community, she volunteered at a women’s treatment center in recovery coaching where she learned during sessions different kinds of recovery.

As an advocate for Women Recovery Julie believes that women can recover from anything. Whether is from substance use and/or other life challenges such as trauma, codependence, grief, cancer, low self esteem, etc…women can support each other and get empowered through a transformational journey.


  • Medical Doctor Degree- M.D.
  • Master of Business Administration – MBA Healthcare Management
  • Certified Master Health and Wellness and Coach
  • Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Interventionist
  • Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
  • Member of The American College of Lifestyle Medicine