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The Sugar Roller Coaster Part 1

 The Sugar Roller Coaster Part 1. Is sugar our friend or not? NO!
Ok, so we already know that lots of sugary foods have high glycemic index (GI) right? So, let’s talk about the sugar roller coaster. After you eat a food high in High Glycemic Index it triggers a fast rise in blood sugar, therefore, triggering a rise in insulin. The funny thing is that BOOM! the insulin triggers a fast drop in blood sugar which creates hunger and cravings. When the blood sugar drops, the body usually burns glycogen and fat for energy (what we expect to happen at the gym after like 30mins of exercise) BUT the annoying high insulin levels blocks those processes. Then we run out of energy and the vicious cycle starts ¬†again! What you can do is STOP eating so much foods high in GI. A GI of 40 is considered “favorable”. Stay tuned for part 2 of the sugar series…