How to beat excessive stress?



Healthy tip: How to beat high levels of stress?


Robert Urich once said, “A HEALTHY outside starts from the INSIDE.” We all know that at some point or another, stress is going to visit. Crazy work hours, brutal schedules, and the intensity of all the demands. Sometimes all those lead to what?  Exacerbation of health problems, deterioration or end of relationships, lack of sleep, tension, anxiety, decrease in job performance, self medication, lots of caffeine of all forms including coffee, pills and energy drinks, less time to enjoy life, less time to exercise and take of yourself, overeating or eating the wrong food, emotional problems, irritation, etc… etc…For what? To have more money? What is the good thing about having more money if you can’t enjoy your life?


Keys to combat stress




1) Identify the source of stress- a project, a person, a situation, etc…


 2) Know how your body react- headache, stomach distress, increase in heart rate, etc…


Take charge!


1)  Disconnect from one moment- Take a break. Get some fresh air, walk around or meditate. At this time is when Mindfulness Meditation comes in handy. Disconnect from the situation, close your eyes,  and focus on your breathing while you clear your mind for at least 15 mins to get a hold of yourself. Sharp your focus. If you need music, go ahead and use it. RELAX. It’s critical for thinking and overall health. Believe me, when you step back you see everything in a clearer way. 


2) Set healthy boundaries within yourself- know and understand your limits and build your own toolbox of techniques to maintain them.


3) Exercise – lots of people say that the best underestimate antidepressant is exercise. It’s true. If you used to do it…this is the time to return. It offers psychological benefits to counteract stress. It increases your feeling of control, boost your self- esteem, and help feed your emotional system. Make time!


4) Start eating right- improve your eating and get into a healthier lifestyle. Low saturated fat, low sodium, low sugar, moderate amount of alcohol ingestion, moderate amounts of caffeine, sleep, decide to stop smoking, etc…. By modifying your eating and lifestyle habits you take care of your heart and your overall self (American Heart Association).


5) Time- management- You have more time than you think. Organize and plan.


6) Get a hobby- do something that you used to love or love to do and start!


7) Don’t feel helpless- Get organized, plan, and prioritize your tasks and take action. You can’t control everything but you can definitely control a lot of things and look for ways to take action.