Meditation to relieve stress

It had been defined as a state where you drop everything you are doing at the moment and clear your  mind.  It is the moment where you come to a state were consciousness and awareness remains. The mind becomes free of agitation and is calm, serene, and at peace.
An amazing aspect is that anyone can practice meditation because is simple, inexpensive, and doesn’t require anything or anyone else, just YOU.
According to Mayo Clinic (2014),  the emotional benefits of meditation include:
·         Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
·         Building skills to manage your stress
·         Increasing self-awareness
·         Focusing on the “now”, the present
·         Reducing negative emotions and focus on positive ones.
In the past years, mindfulness meditation had become very popular because different from other types of meditation, it focuses on “present focused awareness.” The individual focuses in its own breathing and as mentioned before, clears the mind from past events and problems and focus on the present. In 2013 TheJournal of The American Medical Association published an article that suggested that mindfulness meditation helps with psychological stresses such as anxiety, depression, and pain.
“Dwell in the present moment, it’s a wonderful one.”