Ways to increase metabolism

Ways to increase your metabolism while you lose weight:

– Hydrate with water. At least 8 glasses of water a day.
– Say goodbye to processed foods such as cheeses and ham or turkey meats. These are high in salt and other ingredients. Ask for the quantity you want in the deli.
– Go out and walk outside to give your mind and body a boost. Connect … with your surroundings.
– Move your muscles! Go to the gym and do the machines, free weights or other resistance exercises to keep your body burning calories.
– Perform cardiovascular exercise in the gym, home or outdoors.
– Drink green to boost your metabolism.
– Occasionally uses spices, like picantitos, in your meals. Spices contain Capsaicin and increase metabolism.
– Eat Calcium. Whether in milk or other products to boost your metabolism.
– Eat the carbohydrates that will stimulate your metabolism like: flour and brown rice.
– Look at the Nutrition Facts of the products.