What can I do with stress???

Suffer from stress????

Stress is everywhere. Even during holiday season lots of people suffer from stress. Let’s see the triggers:
– Negative thinking
– Depression
– Trouble concentrating
– Feeling overwhelmed
– Anger
– Frequent mood swings
– Excessive eating or smoking
What can worsen stress with time??
– Excessive alcohol drinking
– Use of drugs
– Drive recklessly
– Overspending
– Too much caffeine and energy drinks
– Lack of sleep
Managing stress. What can I do???
– Write thoughts and feelings in a journal
– Do crafts, gardening or some other hobby
– Play with pets
– Exercise, dance or do yoga
– Meditate
– Take a leisure bath, go to a spa or have a massage
– Talk to friends
– Listen to music
If your stress is completely unmanageable…talk to your doctor.