Why have a strong core?

Why is important to build a strong core?

First of all, the word “core” not only refers to the “abs’ or “six packs area”.  Is much more than that. The core muscles protect the spine from getting injured. These muscles are connected to the legs and deal with the way you sit, stand, and do a squat. Yes squat! As you can see, there is involvement of the glutes area as well. It’s not just about the abdominal muscles. When you do exercise for the core you have to train your back, glutes, and the area that connect your spinal cord and helps the body supports your spine.
The core is made of several muscles of the abdominal area: the upper abs, the side (obliques), and the very deep layers. Those deep muscles are the ones that do the good work and support your spine.
Now…to be really clear, just working the abs is not going to give you a tight core. It will in part but not entirely. You have to do moves to engage other group of muscles like muscles of the back and glutes. A move that works the core will give you better results than just moves to work your abs. Nowadays, it’s all about the core. That’s why, for example, the plank is so famous.
So from now on, why not work the core? It makes you have a flat tummy, sexy waist, and best of all…great support for your body.