Dr julie alvira

This is your time and you are not alone in the process.

Aim to feel your best with my F.I.N.E method for weight loss. 

F – Fitness
I – Intuitive Eating
N – Nutrition
E – Emotional Intelligence 

On the way to a new you!!

By combining the tools in the formula you achieve a new mindset that helps you understand the mental, emotional, and obstacles that are holding you back from losing weight. The aim is to establish why are you overeating, reasons for not losing weight even if you tried several things before, and dig deep into the old patterns and belief systems so that you can have a new way of learning how to eat and think around food.

Juggling several demands is exhausting and it’s up to you to make the decision of being fully present again and move forward. I was also in your shoes trying to use food sometimes to cope with stress and emotions even after I lost the almost 70 pounds I gained during pregnancy. Until I learned HOW to be fully present with myself and totally comfortable around food. Let me show you HOW.

Let’s create solutions together. This is the perfect time!

Aim to be FINE!

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